2001  CHERRY 2000

    *curated by Kerstin Schröder 



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The work of Anke Cott arise in a 3D stage at the computer.

The original image space and its protagonists find their convertible from three- into twodimensional only at the exit of the production facility. The jump is magic. We face a painting that has a secret, which initially surprised us.
Because it was not staged for us- is therefore to be located in the picture not at all, but only takes place in our own reception.
Printed with synthetic surface on paper, canvas or wood,
we encounter scenarios of architecture, characters and spaces. 
So fictive and willed us formulated these premises and figures also are facing, and just because we can not really understand their world jump, you can feel them in that they have their proper place outside the image, in a world and society that is just as real like ourselves.  ( 
Kerstin Schröder, 2001)